Gutter Cleaning & Blocked Downpipe Repairs.

Gutter Cleaning

At Clear My Gutters we specialize in residential & commercial gutter cleaning, based in Havant, Portsmouth but covering all of Hampshire.

With over 10 years of experience, our friendly and reliable operatives get straight to it, identifying and making good of any blockages or minor gutter repairs that may have occurred and need fixing or putting right.

Did you know blocked guttering is a major cause of damp damage caused to buildings in the UK!

Gutter clearing using a gutter vac for  awkward jobs
Clearing gutters using our Gutter Vac

We all have gutters but how many of us actually think to get them cleared and checked for blockages.

The difference between Gutter Clearing & Gutter, Fascia, Soffit Cleaning

We offer 3 gutter cleaning services:

We also offer moss removal & roof cleaning too.

Wireless camera systems are used for hard-to-reach areas and so we can share with you the before and after photographs.

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The importance of clear gutters!

Water stuck in gutter, not free flowing due to blocked downpipe. House in Havant
Gutters in Havant with water not flowing

Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, or landlord it’s essential to keep the gutters clear, otherwise, rainwater can overflow and run down the walls of the property.

If you leave a blocked gutter for too long water can seep into your home through wall cavities and gaps in brickwork, this can then cause mold or damp.

The water around the base of a property can cause the foundation to shift and also create cracks in the walls, if this is not fixed early on this can lead to large repair bills.

It’s also worth knowing that your building’s insurance may not cover you for damage caused by damp and condensation, making repairs even more costly. 

Gutter Repair

If your guttering requires some overdue repair work, we can also help we offer a minor repair of loose joints, corroded seals, or broken brackets, this is often a lot cheaper than calling upon a Roofer or Handyman.

Hard to reach gutters

Our special gutter vacuum system aids us to reach guttering that isn’t always accessible with a ladder, whether that be 3 or even 4 storeys high or an awkward gutter over a conservatory.

When should you get your gutters cleaned and how much will it cost?

We have given you a couple of external websites with different information.

Window Cleaning

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